Evolving the SX brand: Inspiring like-minded entrepreneurs to 'get to work.'

Building a brand that sets the new standard for high-end health clubs in the Netherlands.

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SX sports club was the first small-group and personal training studio situated in Strijp-S Eindhoven. Their original name stems from the SX-building where the studio is located. When the sports club was sold to a new owner, the management felt the need for a different approach.

In a highly-competitive and saturated market, SX sports club engaged us to develop a new brand-voice, brand-identity, and value proposition that would set the bar for a completely new personal training experience and distinguish them from their competitors.

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By meeting with the SX management team and diving into their customer base, it became immediately apparent that they are entertaining a unique breed of athletes compared to the market in general.

Namely, entrepreneurs, people who are looking to stay healthy while keeping up with their busy schedules. People who are not looking to become the next “Arnie” but people who simply want to get fit.

Entrepreneurs are rockstars in their own way, they lead busy lives, are often well known, and their attention is demanded regularly throughout the day. We believe that people are more likely to engage in brands that show they understand them. So we decided we needed to build a brand that recognizes the struggle of this specific audience in balancing their lives with successful careers and personal activities.



We gathered the SX-team, and together we sat down to set the goals for the near future. Now sure of our audience, we also needed to find out what drives the team-members, the people who go out there and give their all every single day. Their goal was not just becoming the first Dutch high-end training facility, or becoming the first nationally recognized brand in high-end health clubs.


The teams’ main goals were to inspire, to facilitate, to evolve, to innovate, and to help. To get results that fit their clients’ needs instead of solely focusing on aesthetics.

We wanted to inspire an audience of entrepreneurs to “get to work” by showing them that working out doesn’t have to get in the way of their already busy schedules.


So we continued by looking into what this audience is looking for in a sports club. What would inspire them to take time out of their busy lives?

Brand identity

Understanding the brand’s high-end, down to earth approach, we designed a visual language & identity that expresses the most fundamental brand values to resonate with the brand’s audience.

Visual identity & language

At Work health club you don’t get to back to the grind, you escape it and unwind. The visual language reflects the contradictions in the everyday life of our audience and lights a spark of motivation to “get to work,” because it doesn’t have to feel like working.

Alice in Wonderland has been a significant influence on the brand’s color pallet. We wanted to inspire that same sense of wonder and curiosity to our audience because Work is a place that is a bit different from the ‘normal’ world. A place that deserves exploration and discovery.

Because life is about balancing extremes to find harmony, so is the visual language. Classic typefaces meet modern fonts.

The brandmark is created to be sporty yet sophisticated. By using dynamic angles combined with a wide-spaced wordmark.

Webdesign & content direction

To further strengthen Work’s brand positioning, we’ve created an online presence that inspires exploration of the brand and delivers that high-end “hand-tailored boutique” experience.

Combining transparent values, authentic stories, rich imaging, and a personal approach to inspire and activate Work’s audience.

Approaching the design from a user perspective, we focussed on crafting an online experience that’s visually stunning, easy to understand, and a joy to explore.

Interior concept & visual communication

We sat together with the interior design team at King Kongs to extend the brand’s visual identity and language into the actual Work experience and the club’s interior.

Intertwining that feeling of a hand-tailored suit boutique with the facilities and equipment needed for an elevating workout.

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