Building the Liberty brand - Taking a small town on an urban adventure.

Growing engagement through adventurous storytelling, vibrant imaging, and social interaction.


Bladel is a small town near the Belgian border and home to a diverse community of all ages. Being situated far away from any big cities, Bladel’s town center is a popular pastime for its burgundian residents. Bladel’s people seek their weekend salvation in one of the few restaurants or bars. Their “bar of choice” being passed on from the past generation to the next.

Dick van Gerwen, a Bladel resident himself, felt a need for more diversity in the town’s nightlife. Taking a different perspective on “going out in town.” Dick wanted to build a place that would bring people together and inspire them to broaden their horizons. He approached us to help him bridge the gap between big-city nightlife and the cordial atmosphere of a small town.

The story of Liberty

Broadening horizons has been our starting point for designing the Liberty brand. We wanted to take people on an adventure like they have never experienced. Sitting together with the brand’s core team, we came up with the brand story and the idea for the name “Liberty.” We traveled back in time to New York in the year 1935. Where hidden in the narrow streets of the meatpacking district, right on the border dividing rich and poor, sits a small bar called Liberty. Named after the immigrant’s daughter who owns the place, Liberty offers an escape from everyday life.


Liberty is the home of the free for everyone brave enough to be different. Wealthy women, sailors, and working-class heroes sit side by side to enjoy the best food the town has to offer. Different worlds collide and connect. Sharing stories over a Liberty craft beer or a Cosmopolitan. Crossing paths and inspiring unlikely friendships. Breaking down the walls that label us while flipping the finger to all killjoys and naysayers.

All in the name of Liberty!

Liberty Foodbar

The ultimate goal for Liberty is to become a nationally renowned hospitality brand with multiple, own product lines and several establishments throughout the Netherlands.

Introducing a perfectly balanced blend of easy dishes with high-end quality, a cordial atmosphere, and a unique adventurous appearance.

The first milestone on this ambitious adventure was the opening of Liberty’s first establishment: Liberty Foodbar.

Our task was to translate the brand’s identity, its ambitious goals, and its values into the design system. Creating a visual language too specifically enhance the customer experience at its flagship food bar.

Visual identity & language

The adventurous brand story of Liberty has been our most significant influence on designing the brand’s visual identity and style. We wanted Liberty’s designs to capture the feeling of exploration and discovery. To inspire laughter, freedom, and release at the end of a long week.

At Liberty, you never know what you’ll discover next, So we designed the visual language to be funky and edgy, but not entirely out of this world.
The brand mark “the anchor” represents both the sturdy foundation of Liberty’s values and the freedom to always keep exploring.

Interior concept

We sat together with King Kongs‘s interior design team to extend Liberty’s visual identity and language into the food bar’s interior. Delivering that sense of exploration and inspiring curiosity to discover out what’s around the next corner.

& visual communication

Our friends from Studio Giftig helped us translate the brand’s funky and adventurous style into excellent illustrations and mural art. The drawings have become a fundamental part of Liberty’s interior, and it’s visual communication.

Personas & social strategy

To capture the audience’s attention and create buzz around the new brand, we first needed to develop a thorough understanding of the shared values between our target audience and the Liberty brand. We sat together with Liberty’s core team to discuss potential target groups, create personas, and develop a strategy for establishing a connection with them.

Pictures by courtesy of Do Tell

With the most crucial target audience, “the dashing town-painter” in mind, we decided to focus our social-media efforts specifically around their natural habitat: Instagram. We designed a social-media playbook to establish a consistent quality throughout Liberty’s communications.

This playbook provided inspiration and examples for tone-of-voice, interaction, and look & feel through Liberty’s Instagram. We also offered a monthly marketing calendar, content, and visuals.

Content direction & creation

We believe that strong brands capture the consumers’ attention by expressing their stories and values through engaging content.

We sent our team of photographers and content creators on a mission to capture the essence of the brand through funky imaging. Combining the authentic cordial hospitality, the unique brand character, and of course, the delicious food.

Liberty craft beer

Together with Liberty’s owner Dick van Gerwen and local craft beer designer Michael Zimmerman, we developed the idea and recipes for Liberty’s first craft beers. The intergalactic Dutchman & The wheat taste of freedom.

From concept to tasting and from large scale brewing to designing the labels, our team has been involved throughout the entire process.

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