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Pyro is the mind child of frontman Bas Soetens. They create real music for real people. In a world that is dominated by autotune and social-charades, Pyro’s mission is to “make music real again.” Inspiring a new generation to experience life through music. Being connected with each other, rather than being connected to the internet.

Working towards their new album release and seeing opportunities arise, the band approached us to help them reach the next level in their professional careers by defining the Pyro brand. To translate their identity into a visual language that resonates with their audience and to help them connect with their fans through authentic content and communication.


We sat down with the band to get a deep understanding of what drives them as individuals and what they value most as a band. What got them into music, what they love, who inspires them. Understanding the deep connection between the group and its music helped us develop the strategy to translate Pyro’s story to the audience.

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Pyro is all about authenticity: real music, real people, real stories. Like any band, they want to conquer the world with their music, but more than anything, they just want to put the pedal to the metal. Stepping on stage and performing for their fans. To help Pyro stand out and be remembered in a market as volatile as the music industry, we developed a strong visual identity and communication system.

Our strategy to grow awareness for the Pyro brand also included a brand guide and social playbook. The brand guide acts as an inspirational manual that shows how the brand is the voice for Pyro’s message. It provides the tools to help them articulate, express, and evaluate the brand through communications. The social playbook provides inspiration and examples for tone-of-voice, interaction, and look & feel through Pyro’s social channels.

Brand identity

We are Pyro. We are a vibrant brand. We want to make you feel good about yourself. We’ll leave a mark on the world along the way. We try to make it big while staying modest.

Visual identity & language

We designed the visual identity to reflect the band’s no bullsh*t mentality. The logo is simple and straightforward, bold, but modest and sends out a message to their audience: This is who we are.

Highlighting the “O” mark in the logo reflects the band’s mission to inspire connection through music. Sing along together to the catchiest lyric in the universe.

To reflect the band’s love for music through their visual identity, we looked for inspiration in the tools that help them express their creativity. The instruments. The colors have been inspired by Bas’ favorite guitar. The Gretch Vintage Orange.

Content direction

We believe that strong brands capture the consumers’ attention by expressing their story and values through engaging content. To keep Pyro’s content consistent and aligned with the brand values, we developed a content guide for photographers, video-makers, and content creators.

A content guide is meant to inspire creativity instead of setting boundaries. So on Pyro’s behalf, we developed a clear message towards the content creators, making sure they treasure their own authenticity.

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